Black Hair Colour Spray

Easy to use hairspray, fantastic colour with good coverage. The product can be washed off easily in the shower or bath with the use of shampoo. 1 tin will easily colour average length hair. Shake well and just spray onto hair from 20cm away. Be sure to avoid eyes and face; and it willstain clothes. It may also tint light coloured and bleached hair. Please also be aware that colour does differ depending on the screen/monitor/display the images are viewed on; we do endeavour to give you the best colour accuracy, but we cannot guarantee a perfect match to the photo and may be some slight variation depending on the colour of your hair. Tips
  • If you plan on spraying it onto clothes or fabric, the spray maystain and will also brush off with light pressure. We would recommend a coating of regular hairspray on top of the colour spray to improve durability. (However, we do not recommend using this product on anything other than hair.)
  • Some people may use this product for skin; we do not recommend this as it blocks up pores and can irritate skin.
  • It will eventually brush off hair, but to prolong its life further; after coating your hair in the coloured spray, apply another layer of regular hairspray over the top to increase durability.
  • If you still wish to use this and you have light or bleached hair; test a small area out of sight. Spray onto the small portion of hair, wait then wash to show if the product stains/tints

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